The Magic Bunny

The Magic Bunny 1

There's something about Jellycat's bashful soft toys that children really love, and become attached to. I can't quite put my finger on what makes them stand out from other similar soft toys, whether it's their super soft fur, squidgy bodies or cute little faces, whatever it is Jellycat have got the combination just right.

I regularly receive phone calls from desperate parents and grand parents searching for replacements when their little people have lost theirs. Just before Christmas a Grandma ran into the shop hardly looking at me as she stammered; 'I don't think you'll have what I need!!'. It turned out that her daughter and family were travelling from London for the festive break, enroute they realised that their two year old's bunny soother had been left behind. In a panic they found our shop as a Jellycat stockist online and sent poor Grandma on a potential wild goose chase to find the missing item as they were convinced Christmas would be ruined without it. I could see the stress melt from her face as I held up the toy she needed.

Another time one of the Mom's that comes in the shop was desperately trying to locate a black and white bashful Jellycat cat which had been irretrievably lost. Unfortunately this toy had been discontinued. However after several phone calls I managed to locate the very one which had been sitting on a desk at Jellycat HQ.  Mom was delighted and I got the warm fuzzy feeling of job satisfaction.

The Magic Bunny 2

 Last Easter I gave my son a bashful beige bunny and the matching Magic Bunny book. He was 18 months at the time. The book could have been written for him, the illustrations look just like him. It tells the tale of how the Magic Bunny takes over from Mom and looks after a boy when he goes to sleep. My little boy quickly became attached to his bunny and for a very long time we had to read the Magic Bunny every night before he'd go to sleep. One of his first words was 'Bo Bo' which is what we've named his furry best friend.

If you decide to treat someone to a Jellycat toy  my word of warning is to buy two. But don't worry I'll always have the beige bunnies in stock, I couldn't deal with the melt down if my little boy lost his!