Plan Toys Coastguard Boat

Customers often ask for bath toys, but I've struggled to find any with real style that sit comfortably with my other beautiful wooden toys. That is until I discovered Plan Toys; makers of well designed contemporary wooden toys including bath toys, which are robust and well manufactured. These boats would look lovely left out on the side of the bath even in the trendiest of bathrooms!

Plan Toys Bath Time

Setting Plan Toys apart is their green credentials. With their motto of 'Sustainable Play', I have never encountered a toy company more committed to their philosophies. The toys are made entirely from sustainable materials using green manufacturing methods, organic colour pigments and recycled packagingThe family run company was founded in 1981 by Vitool Viraponsavan in Thailand, where farmers grow rubber trees for latex. After 25 years the trees no longer produce latex and are chopped down and burned. Plan Toys ingeniously use this otherwise wasted material to make solid wooden toys.

Plan Toys Eco

Furthermore, they have created a completely new material 'Plan Wood' from waste rubber wood usually discarded during the toy manufacturing process. This is ground to a fine powder and mixed with organic colour pigments and less than 1% formaldehyde-free glue. High pressure moulding results in the dense, non porous material 'Plan Wood'. This allows for a huge variety of shapes not possible with solid rubber wood. As the colour pigments are added during the composite process rather than painted on at the end it won't chip or peel

These toys are durable, washable and include their revolutionary range of wooden bath toys. Finally as they strive to meet their zero waste goals any surplus wood pieces from production are used in a Biomass generator to power the factory and surrounding villages. 

Plan Toys really do go the extra mile in their mission to create a better world, employing special needs and disabled workers in their factory, creating a reforestation programme, and partnering with mothers of special needs children to design toys aimed at those with unique requirements . Plan Toys have even founded a Children's Museum!

Plan Toys Fairy Castle

I'm really impressed with this companies ethical approach and am delighted to now be stocking them at Windsor Toys.

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